UPDATED ON 12/26/2021

When the push from job search comes to shove,  we literally have to  say the hell with it and take our careers into  our own hands.

The Moment I Quit Trying to Convince People to Hire Me

I’m going to veer off course from all my previous articles with this one.

We live in unprecedented times, and unprecedented time calls for extraordinary actions, and extraordinary actions require bravery.

I hope my efforts thus far has helped you advance your job search journey. I expect you will win your dream role soon enough.

Nevertheless, for the entrepreneur brewing inside of us, I hope this article will inspire you to make the move.

This is my story.

The Trigger

Sunbreak Resumes The Trigger

The Moment I Quit

Sunbreak Resumes The Trigger

I knew what I could do with pen and paper, I could do with today’s computerized inventory system.

But another matter peeved me more.

As it turned out, company policy prevented appropriate promotions when upper management has no openings, even as floor staff achieved things that were above their pay grade and seniority level.

I had grown restless, especially when I knew my know-how combined with my MBA education had surpassed those of my managers. My plan to re-climb the corporate ladder had backfired.

The next day, I strolled into work with my two-weeks notice.


For the third time in six years, I returned to full-time job search mode.

At first, I was excited to be in the job market again, armed with retail operations knowledge and my foundational expertise in data.

I attended networking events three times nearly every week. I applied online. I sought out government resources.

My resume scored me interviews with an international dairy company, a major seafood distributor, even a global Fortune 100, among others.

Everyone told me I was doing everything I was supposed to do. My depression worsen as desperation and resentment set in.

And still nothing.

To say exhaustion soon took over was an understatement.

Finally, I woke up pissed off one morning and exclaimed, “If no one is going to give me a job, I have to give myself a job.”

That was the moment I quit trying to convince others to hire me.

In a flash, it felt like a higher power descended on me. Total freedom.

I was now on a mission: to make it on my own.

That’s how Sunbreak Resumes started.

The Message

Sunbreak Resumes The Message

But perhaps the answer lies within us. So give ourselves a chance.

Many of you might be thinking, “But I need benefits. I need stability. I need money.”

Insurance is the farthest thing from their minds.

Since inception in October 2019, I have served 50-plus clients nationwide, including a CFO returning to his passion in theater management, a furloughed VP who immediately got back on top, and a technical manager who got hired by Amazon, all during the pandemic.



Ready to stop trying to convince someone else to hire you and make it big on your own? Let’s start developing your brand.

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