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With the right package for you, we will discover accomplishments you may not know you had, tackle adverse circumstances, and emphasize on the impact you have made in past roles that you will bring into future organizations.


What You Can Get

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Master Resumes

Sunbreak exclusive

Showcases you as the unique rockstar YOU want the world to see

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Tailored Resumes

Customize your resume directly toward your specific target company perfect match its expectations and beyond


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LinkedIn Profile

Lay the foundation for your social media footprint so that recruiters and hiring managers chase after you


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Cover Letters

Express your interest and authentic authority using a simplified technique that hooks recruiters in 2-seconds

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Career Lego Collection

Sunbreak exclusive

Compile your personalized Lego block collection to assemble tens of future resumes so that you can tailor in minutes every time

Brand Story Icon

Brand Story

Clarify your strengths and your story in order to bring your personality to the forefront, optimize your offerings, and cultivate relationships

How We Will Work


Sunbreak Creative Process

Premium Resume Writing Packages

Ultimate Solar Package

Want the full load for your job search journey?  You got it!  Get your Career Lego Collection, resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter all in one.
  • Includes master resume, LinkedIn profile, one cover letter, and Career Lego Collection
  • Highlight unique strengths and characteristics consistently throughout
  • Identify key accomplishments that will compel hiring managers to pay attention to you
  • Create connections to show you are the best person for the job
  • Keyword-optimized and quantified for maximum impact and purpose
  • Five 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT files of your resume and cover letter
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months until satisfied



Master Rise and Shine Package

No job description or have multiple roles?  No problem.  Create a resume that puts your best foot forward.
  • Fine tune accomplishments and bring hidden ones to light
  • Optimize with relevant keywords and impactful numbers to show your purpose in any organization
  • Invite hiring decision-makers with a powerful resume that makes them want to interview you
  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT files of your resume
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months until satisfied

Tailored Sunbeam Package

Need to apply to a specific job description?  Get your credentials to match the needs of the job.
  • Align and select accomplishments that best match the requirements of the job
  • Optimize with job-specific keywords that present you as an expert
  • Express meaningful numbers that  shows you can get the job done, urging hiring decision-makers to want to interview—and hire—you
  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT files of your resume
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months until satisfied

Stellar LinkedIn  Package

Need a lift for your LinkedIn Profile?  Whether you are a job candidate or an entrepreneur in your own right, this will be a potent necessity.
  • Fine tune accomplishments and bring hidden ones to light
  • Optimize with relevant keywords and impactful numbers to show your purpose in any organization
  • Construct a profile with all the components that generate leads from recruiters, head hunters, and even customers
  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT files of your resume
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months until satisfied

Cosmic Career Lego Collection Package

Compile every accomplishment, skill, keyword, and more so that you can tailor tens of different resumes in your future and feel empowered.
  • Amass a collection of all your accomplishments so that you can use them like Lego blocks for every resume you would ever tailor
  • Fine tune accomplishments and bring hidden ones to light
  • Optimize with relevant keywords and impactful numbers to show your purpose in any organization
  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive your collection that you can use as a journal for future accomplishments
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months until satisfied

Additional Services

Cover Letters

Tailor each letter with Sunbreak’s short, quick, and easy method that connect your credentials to the requirements of each job with a more human touch.

  • Figure out which requirements on your specific job description resonate with you and match your credentials
  • Learn how you can tailor one simply and quickly every time
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT files of your cover letter
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 weeks until satisfied

Hourly Consultations

Feel like you do not need complete services but would like occasional feedback or advice?  Sunbreak is here for you whenever you want.
  • Consult for an hour on anything  including:
    • Your resume
    • Your cover letter
    • Your LinkedIn profile
    • Your job interviews
    • Your job search strategies
    • Your Career Lego Collection
    • Your personal brand


Ideal Clients

Sunbreak Resumes is for you if:
  • You are a mid-professional with at least 3 years of work experience
  • You intend to start your job-search journey within 1 to 3 months
  • You are not looking for ultra quick-and-dirty results
  • You are willing to put in the work needed for me to help you create an impactful, effective, and purposeful resume
  • You wish to gain a deeper, more thorough understanding of your career accomplishments
  • You are unsatisfied with where your career is going and need a change.
  • You want to open possibilities
  • You want to freely put your best foot forward under your own terms
  • You want to be inspired to aim higher
  • You want to strengthen your self-confidence and self-worth to live the life you have always dreamed of

Clients Say

Joseph (telecom)

I found myself with an opportunity and wanted to put my best foot forward. My condensed timeline did not deter Cindy a bit. She asked all the right questions and noted what I wanted my hiring manager to know. She highlighted my qualities in a way that I could not. She is a master of her craft and then some. She made sure that I felt I was properly portrayed which felt amazing. The final results came with renewed confidence.

Telecom Construction Manager
Everett, Washington
Judit (Hypno)

Cindy was great to work with! I have been self-employed for years. When I decided to branch back out into the corporate world, Cindy was instrumental in helping me bring the key points of my career to the surface, in a comprehensive and impactful way. I truly appreciated the extra miles she took to provide me with a product that truly reflects me.

Medical Hypnotherapist
Kenmore, Washington

Cindy is a master of customized resume creations that capture your full work experience, and engages hiring companies to pick yours over the rest! Her adjustments to your resume will have you come out as a winner!

Senior IT Logistics Program Manager
Renton, Washington

Cindy was an eye-opening experience. She not only taught me how to better my resume, but also gave me a brand new perspective on how far I have come and made me feel more confident in applying for a new job. I also have a better idea on how to adjust my resume because she explained why she adjusted some things and knew what most employers look for.

Orange County, California

Cindy did my resume and cover letter updates. She has done an excellent job turning my 8-page resume into two. She is professional and responds in a timely manner. She is courteous and spends extra time in explaining about the improvement on your resume/cover letter. Her pricing is very reasonable and she makes sure she answers all your questions. I highly recommend her.

Senior Research Scientist
Renton, Washington
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Duration and scheduling are dictated by you. Our collaboration can take as little as a week or as long as two (2) months depending on you. My services end two (2) months after the date when the contract is signed in order to maintain progress, accountability, and focus. If more time is required beyond the two-month time limit, an additional fee will be applied.
Although we advise against creating graphic resumes for a number of reasons, graphic resumes are possible. Please note that if you are a graphic or visual artist, we strongly suggest you use your resume as a canvas to showcase your work. In this case, we can provide the words to go with it.
Sunbreak Resumes may have originated from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, but we serve clients from all over the United States. Past clients have come from California, Minnesota, New York, and Florida just to name a few. In fact, we have also dealt with foreign clients from Canada, Mexico, Europe, and India who wish to search for new opportunity in America.
Yes, your resume will be keyword optimized. Those keywords will come from job descriptions and our knowledge of common words used in your target industries and line of work. That said, as we collaborate throughout, we will identify which keywords resonate with you and which ones would be better off left out.
When we talk about different versions of a resume, it means we want to tailor the resume to different desired roles. The purchase of one Master Resume Package results in one (1) master resume. If you want different versions, it is best to create one (1) master, then create the different versions as tailored resumes. Each will be considered a add-on tailoring service on top of the original package.