UPDATED ON 12/28/2021

Staying memorable not only strengthens relationships, but also gains leads that builds legacies when done the right way.

32. Secure Your Legacy On Top Of Peoples Minds

In the thick of the pandemic and political turmoil, we are forced to pivot away from careers we have known, perhaps even all our lives. Overnight, family and friends becomes the only items on our priority list.

Now, after a year of unemployment struggles for millions of us, we have wisely spent the time contemplating what we truly want to do with our careers. We have dubbed this the Great Resignation.

The unemployed and the unsatisfied have flooded the job market with higher demands than ever before. Despite hiring desperations, employers just could not keep up with them.

Regardless, with an unprecedented number of people in the market, competition has skyrocketed to record highs for coveted positions. This means we need to stay memorable to those with the power to hire, probably more than ever.

Sunbreak Resumes Starts with Self

Sunbreak Resumes Work on Personal Branding

Sunbreak Resumes Be Proactive

Be active in seeking out and engaging people.

Sunbreak Resumes Offer Value

Sunbreak Resumes Be Memorable



Build your legacy with your personal brand once and for all with my proven method.

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