UPDATED ON 12/17/2021

In this age of remote work, including location feels like old news. But before taking it out, know that it has its advantages.

The Resume Debates 5 Location Plays On Security And Trust

It used to be a total must to have the complete street address included. Once the email revolution materialized, it got reduced to city and state. Sometimes country.

This revelation not only refers to our residential addresses.  It goes for company addresses as well. Recently, I have noticed more and more resumes that do not include any company locations at all.

And I am not sure that is such a good idea.

Location vs. No Location

Sunbreak Resumes Location vs. No Location

Add on the expense of onboarding an outsider, and companies would likely pass on numerous qualified candidates who were willing to travel.

Companies called this sensible. We, the job candidates, might call this discrimination. Either way, it happened. It will continue to happen.

And yet, times have changed so much.

This, apparently, goes for company addresses as well. I have spotted a number of resumes that do not specify the location of past companies for similar reasons.

My Opinion

Last but not least, when it comes to the location of past companies, I truly believe it is a must, especially for those of us who have traveled long distances to pursue our dream jobs. A difference in locations can explain large time gaps. I mean, just obtaining the required working visa can take weeks to years. Being able to tell that a candidate is from a foreign country can be a matter of getting hired or not.

And In Closing

Sunbreak Resumes And In Closing

Over the past two years, coronavirus has given every single workplace a test drive of what it would be like if everyone works at home. Some has suffered. Some see possibilities. Some has figured it out.

Multiple sources even show that working from home can be just as productive, if not more, as working from the office in many cases.

This fact diminishes the need for resumes to include addresses.

And somehow, it would be a misstep to do so.

Despite some security concerns, including our home addresses and past company locations can build trust, increase negotiations power, and resolve critical matters for hiring managers.

So locations on resumes will surely give us the upper hand.



Next week, we will consider one of the most debated aspects of modern resumes: graphics.

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