UPDATED ON 12/18/2021

Graphics can  make any  boring  document pop. But when it comes to resumes, doesn’t translate to getting hired.

The Resume Debates 6 Graphics Look Great to the Eyes But May Disturb the Mind

For decades, the graphic resume was shunned on because it encouraged discrimination. As time went on, however, graphic resumes became slightly more prominent. We would try to create one ourselves, and when the results look hideous, we left it in the trusting hands of a designer.

Now, google for sample images of resumes, and we will end up with hundreds, if not thousands, of vibrant resumes with professional head shots, icons, and graphics.

Applications such as Canva exist, helping us create the most mind-blowing resumes that are surely easy on the eyes.

Graphics vs. No Graphics

Sunbreak Resumes Graphics vs. No Graphics

My Opinion

Final Verdict

Sunbreak Resumes Final Verdict



Finally, the time has come. Next week will be the most important installment of all in The Resume Debates: the resume itself. Can’t wait.

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