UPDATED ON 7/20/2022

Any work experience does wonders to any resume,  but too much of a good thing can backfire like anything else.

The Resume a 2 Experience All or Nothing

For those of us who have less than 10 years, including all experiences is unlikely to be a problem.

It’s folks with 15, 20 years of seasoned experience who have the most trouble. Not only do we list 10 accomplishments under every job we ever had, but we also note every job we ever had since high school.  The end product would be an 8-page resume, and no one is ever going to read an 8-page resume.

All Experiences vs. The Last 15 Years

Sunbreak Resumes All Experiences vs. The Last 15 Years

My Opinion

You Are Who You Are

Sunbreak Resumes You Are Who You Are



Speaking of fitting all our experiences in a short marketing document, come back next week as I expose the truth about resume length.

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