UPDATED ON 1/17/2021

In a world where high-tech seems to be the only thing that matters, too many people are losing the human touch.

The Number One Resume Writing Mistake That Bore Recruiters

This is our number one mistake.

The So-What Feeling

Sunbreak Resumes So-What Feeling

The so-what feeling emerges from the readers themselves, but it is the resume that instigates that.  So-what descriptions make accomplishments sound insignificant as though all the person has done is busy-work no matter how significant the work might had truly been. They do not tell readers how the company can benefit from hiring this person.  The candidate will also strike as emotionless and replaceable.

But we don’t want to be replaceable, do we?

Do we not want to make hiring managers feel assured and enthusiastic about hiring us?

Then we have to write and convey our optimistic, confident emotions for ourselves before anyone else can.

The Emotional Resume

Sunbreak Resumes The Emotional Resume

This anticipation does not stop at the top half of the first page of your resume.

Importance Factor

Sunbreak Resumes Importance Factor

Closing Thought

Sunbreak Resumes Number One Mistake Closing Thought


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