UPDATED ON 5/17/2022

Your head might have blown up at the time, but if you survived — flourished, even — those dire situations could do wonders. 

The More Stressful You Can Make Your Resume The Better

Whether we have jobs or not, all these stresses contain a treasure trough of opportunity to succeed.

Although it may not feel like it right now, time will tell because our reactions to our most desperate circumstances may just give us our much needed punchline to launch us.

Silver Lining

Sunbreak Resumes Silver Lining

Why is that?

It’s because what is hard for others is easy for us just as what is hard for us might be easy for others.

All of us are unique in our strengths.  Those are our silver linings.

Translation On Paper

Sunbreak Resumes Translation On Paper

Well, isn’t that the kind of reaction we want?


Sunbreak Resumes Climax

Nothing is ever as bad as they feel right now. In fact, we will find silver linings even if we have to wait for them.



Feeling burnt out by all the stress? First, take a break. Then, when you are ready, let me help you uncover your silver linings.

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