UPDATED ON 12/28/2021

Forced career changes may be unexpected, but whatever the reason may be, this might be the best time to make our move.

Forced Career Changes Are The Least Of Your Worries

During our lifetime, millions experience change in our careers.

It could be because of family obligations. It could be because we finally have the guts to take the plunge into our passion(which is what I did). It could be because a pandemic has decided to wreak havoc.

Whatever the reason may be, life happens and sometimes forces us to adjust.

How much of an adjustment depends on how different the old job is to the next one. The learning curve may be huge or nothing at all.

To ease the curve, we become students again. We may be lucky enough to learn on on the job; otherwise, we usually relay on classes or volunteer work.

That is if we know where we are going.

But what if we have the rug pulled from under us just like what Covid has done, and we haven’t got a clue what to do next? How do we assess and figure out where to go from here?

Take It All In

Sunbreak Resumes Take It All In

In previous years, a furlough, lay-off, or firing would have really dishearten our spirits as all three seem to reflect and imply negativity on our performance, and employers did not look so kindly to them.

With the pandemic, however, that attitude has almost completely changed. As we head back to work, everyone should knows that our current unemployment status is not our fault whatsoever. Employers who don’t…well, I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway. We need to give ourselves a break. Do not take it personally.

It would not help our sanity by worrying and attempting to assess our misfortunes immediately after a forced departure.

Take at least a couple of weeks to cool off. To clear our minds.

In fact, since the pandemic is still going full force, this is actually the perfect time to gather our thoughts, to recall that one profession that we have been too scared to pursue, or to discover what we are truly meant to do in life. I mean, isn’t that what the Great Resignation is all about?

That is the gift the pandemic has given us.

Count Our Haves

Sunbreak Resumes Count Our Haves

But after all that, what if we still have no clue about the next chapter of our lives?

Well, once resentment dissipates, it would be a good time to take out a piece of paper and a pen to write a list of things we can do. I am not talking about only tasks we are confident in doing; I am talking about tasks we can do whether we are good at them or not.

At this point, it does not matter. Just right them down.


Now, identify the tasks that were involved in the old job as well as the tasks that we actually like doing.

This list will guide us in our research.

Start by circling all the keywords on the list and search for them on or LinkedIn. Then note the titles and industries that would show up.

Evaluate the list and realize a whole lot of other jobs require skills we know all too well. We may have an interest in a few industries we have never worked in before.

The thing about the pandemic is that it has polarized the economy. Some industries such as eCommerce are doing massively well while others like aviation are going bankrupt. Honestly, I still see incredible opportunities in either case. What matters is 1) whether we can stomach the storm and 2) whether we believe we can really make a major contribution in those areas right now.

This more focused list has gained us some footing. We can start targeting roles and industries, prompting us to the next step: network and conduct informational interviews. Everyone is familiar with that, no?

Turn the Tide

Sunbreak Resumes Hang In There

This is probably a phrase that we may have heard or said way too much — though true — these days: we are all in this together.

It’s terrible to have the job we have worked so hard for get eliminated with a snap of the fingers, and it is most likely not a fault of our own.

But this has turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to us in the Great Resignation.

Take some time. Recenter ourselves. Assess what we have to offer. Then start spreading our goodness to the world.

The next chapter may be the calling we have been searching for.



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