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In Search of New Opportunity?
Can’t Identify Your Accomplishments?
Clueless About What Companies Want?
Need to  Condense Your Story?
Feel Like You Have No Purpose?

Sunbreak Resumes


Shine New Light on Careers

Named after a beloved natural phenomenon specific to the Pacific Northwest, Sunbreak Resumes is a one-of-a-kind professional resume writing service that uses two seemingly opposite disciplines to tell your professional story.  So seize the day.  Grab attention.  Demand interest from decision-makers.



Identify your impactful accomplishments and skills that companies value

Sunbreak Resumes Engineering



Compose professional stories that make people crave for you

Sunbreak Resumes Screenwriting

Sunbreak Services

Personal Branding

Sunbreak Resumes Personal Branding

Identify your valuable accomplishments, articulate your strengths, and accumulate your skills, tools, and relevant keywords in our proprietary Career Lego Collection that will help you tailor tens of resumes for the rest of your life

Optimized Resumes

Sunbreak Resumes Optimized Resumes

Use engineering planning tools and screenwriting concepts to design a resume that highlight your strengths with quantified accomplishments, amplifying their impact for companies and establishing purpose in your life

LinkedIn Profiles

Sunbreak Resumes LinkedIn Profile

Tell your story in your own words with SEO keywords that create a magnetizing LinkedIn profile so that recruiters come to you without you making a move

Anastasia (Fashion)
Interview Breakthrough for
Fashion Photographer
Kirkland, Washington

I struggled with my resume for six months, but hiring managers never reached back to me. I read guidebooks, asked friends, but eventually gave up until I found Cindy! She structured my resume and substantially improved my professional value. Cindy's rough draft of my master resume got me an email from the hiring manager of my dream job.

David (CFO)
Career Revelations for
​Chief Financial Operations Officer
San Francisco, California

This, by far, was the best part about working with Cindy! She demanded and placed high expectations upon me during writing process. More than once, she effectively said, "That's not good enough, You need to dig deeper." And, I'm so glad she did. I'm so proud now of my resume.

Nina (VP Fashion)
Enlightenment for
Vice President of Merchandise Planning
New York City, New York

Cindy is a great writer and did an excellent job revising my resume. She took the time to thoroughly review and revise it until I was 100 percent happy with the results. She made the daunting process of updating my resume very collaborative and painless. In addition, she provided very helpful feedback on how to tailor my resume specific to the jobs I was applying for. I highly recommend Cindy!

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Sunbreak Process

Sunbreak Resumes Accomplishment Assessment

Accomplishment Assessment

Tell us your story, evaluate your current resume or profile, and deliberate on your goals and possibilities

Sunbreak Resumes Hands-On Collaboration

Hands-On Collaboration

Dig deep and design a resume filled with engaging keywords and impactful accomplishments with Cindy guiding you along the whole way

Sunbreak Resumes Revitalized Brand

Revitalized Brand

Let your final resume promote all your proudest moments, invigorate your self-confidence and self-worth, and empower you in your job interviews

Conquer Your Professional Career

Sunbreak Resumes

Skyline of New York City

Sunbreak Resumes

Sunbreak Resumes

Sunbreak Resumes